Maui has a very special place in my heart. Meeting Angela and Anthony here made it even more special. Angela is an amazing person and a phenomenal Wedding Photographer in Maui (Angela Nelson Photography).

Having a Maui session has always been a dream. Anthony and Angela allowed me to capture their love in this beautiful Island setting and I can’t thank them enough for showing me gorgeous parts of Maui I had not seen before. Hanging out with these two while seeing amazing local spots as it was starting to pour and laughing through out the whole session is one of my favorite times in Maui. These two are beautiful inside and out! When I saw Angela with a lovely Crown Floral by (RiverMoon Botanicals) and her hair and make up by (Island Girl Pin-up) all dolled up, I was in Maui session heaven.

A fun rainy afternoon wouldn’t be complete without an amazing sunset in Maui! Have I mentioned I’m in love with this place?! I wouldn’t be surprised if we end up moving out here one day, but for now I just have a ton of pictures to look at when we go back to Chicago.