I completely love…

1- Snuggling with my two pups Kona, a mini Goldendoodle, and Miya, our Chocolate Lab. 

2- Kona coffee and lattes. Going to coffee shops is one of my favorite things to do.

3- God and my marriage. These two will always come first.

4- Maui. My husband and I got married there, so it has a specially place in our hearts.

5- Date nights with my husband. Trying new restaurants is our jam.

6- Serving couples in love: it’s my favorite part about this sweet little business of mine.

7- Hugs. I’m a hugger, please don’t be scared if I go for a hug and not a handshake.

8- Neutral colors. My favorite color is blush, but to be honest all neutral colors are my best friend. 

9- Comfy sweaters and cozy warm socks. These two things are a must when working.

10- Candles. My house may or may not smell like Anthropology. Boulangerie Vanilla & Fig & Volcano are the best!   

11- Pineapples. I’m obsessed. They symbolized welcomed and they’re all over my home.

12- Summer. It’s the best season of the year 

13- Plants. I have become a crazy plant lady.  

14- My family and friends, they are my backbone.

ABOUT | Maria Harte Photography
ABOUT-I’m a dog lover. My two pups Kona, a mini Golgendoodle, and Miya, Chocolate lab, keep me on my toes. I love going to coffee shops especially La Colombe. They surprise me with the best designs in my Latte. God and my marriage will always come first. Date nights with my hubby are my favorite. I’m a sucker for Romantic comedies. I could eat Chipotle everyday. I absolutely love meeting new couples in love: it’s my favorite thing about my job. I always wanted to be a fly girl growing up. If I could play soccer everyday, I would. My family and friends are my backbone.
ABOUT | Maria Harte Photography

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