Photo By: Amy & Jordan

I completely love…

\\Snuggling with my two pups Kona, a mini Goldendoodle, and Miya, our Chocolate Lab. 

\\Going to coffee shops – I love love coffee, especially La Colombe. They surprise me with the best designs in my Latte.

\\God and my marriage. These two will always come first.

\\Date nights with my hubby. Trying new restaurants is our jam.

\\Meeting new couples madly in love: it’s my favorite part about my job.

\\Romantic comedy movies. The Wedding Planner is one of my favorites.

\\Comfy sweaters and sweatpants. Sweater weather is totally my favorite season.

\\Sunsets. 99% chance I will take a picture and Instagram it.

\\Playing soccer with friends and College teammates from all corners of my life. 

\\My family and friends, they are my backbone.

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