Photo By: Amy & Jordan

I completely love…

1- Snuggling with my two pups Kona, a mini Goldendoodle, and Miya, our Chocolate Lab. 

2- Kona coffee and lattes. Going to coffee shops is one of my favorite things to do.

3- God and my marriage. These two will always come first.

4- Maui. My husband and I got married there, so it totally has my heart.

5- Date nights with my hubby. Trying new restaurants is our jam.

6- Serving couples in love: it’s my favorite part about my job.

7- Hugs. I’m a hugger, please don’t be scared if I go for a hug and not a handshake.

8- Neutral colors. My favorite color is blush, but to be honest all neutral colors are my best friend. 

9- Comfy sweaters and cozy warm socks. These two are musts working from home.

10- Pineapples. They symbolized welcomed and they’re all over my home.

11- Summer. It’s the best season of the year 

12- Playing soccer with friends and College teammates from all corners of my life. 

13- My family and friends, they are my backbone.

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